About Us


Panda woodworks is a small woodworking business that specializes in handcrafting premium cutting boards using a variety of domestic and foreign hardwoods from all around the world.

 We spend a lot of time and effort researching different woods that can be implemented for optimum cutting boards. The boards we produce are built for long-lasting performance and have unique designs by combining opposing wood types.

Starting in 2019, Panda Woodworks has been donating $5 for every board purchased to charities directly related to helping endangered animals. As of 2018, 16,306 animals are endangered and threatened with extinction. Luckily, Pandas are officially not endangered... currently. However, with mass deforestation on the rise, the risks of extinction of Pandas and plenty of other animals are an everlasting threat.

To combat this, Panda Woodworks was created to not only shed light on the topic of our ever-shrinking animal species, but also to help fund different animal charities. Different boards have unique charities that benefit certain endangered animal species. As we continue to expand, we have enthusiastic plans to create many more designs and sizes of cutting boards that will incorporate a wider array of charities. As the woodworkers we are, we see opportunity and value in giving back to the Earth and its elaborate ecosystem as we use the wood provided by those regions of the world.

Here at Panda Woodworks, we hope our customers and clients appreciate the aspect of handcrafted materials in a world of mass production and automation. Every single product sold by Panda Woodworks is meticulously worked on and inspected for optimum performance.