Glue and Finshes


We do not use paint in any of our products! Many people wonder where all of the beautiful and vibrant colours from our boards come from, as almost all boards sold on the market are either beige or brown. However, we assure you we do not paint our boards to colour. The wood used in our products are their natural colours: no alterations, no chemicals, just natures beauty! 




Our boards are finished with Clark's Cutting Board Mineral Oil. It penetrates the wood to fill in the pores of the wood to give it a watertight seal. If water seeps into the pores of the board, the wood may warp and crack over a long period. That's why it is important to use high-quality cutting board oil to protect the board from water penetration over its lifespan. Unlike other plant-based oils, Clark's Cutting Board Mineral Oil will never go rancid. That means the oil in our boards will never smell funky and degrade the board. It is 100% food safe, and exceeds the United States FDA regulations for direct and indirect food contact. It also has a delightful natural orange and lemon scent given to it by natural citrus oils which gives the board a fresh feel.



The final polish and conditioner used after Clark's Mineral Oil is applied is a coat of Howard Butcher Block Conditioner. The point of this layer is to seal the board so that 1), the oil in the pores can't escape, and 2), to give the board a beautifully polished look. However, over time the boards will naturally lose mineral oil and the seal of protection as the board is washed and food juices linger on the surface. That is why every month, a coat of Howard Butcher Block Conditioner should be used to both restore the oil in the pores and apply another coat of moisture protection. It exceeds the FDA regulations for direct and indirect contact with food, which means it is completely food safe.



The wood in our boards are glued together with Titebond III, a 100% food-safe-wood glue. It is FDA approved for indirect food contact. It is also the most capable waterproof glue in its class, making it the perfect choice for cutting board use.